Sharp-Hopper Log Cabin

Sharp-Hopper Log Cabin

The Sharp-Hopper Log Cabin is one of the few structures in the “Burnt District” to survive the Kansas-Missouri Border War, the Civil War, and General Order Number 11.

In the early 1830s, several families from Patrick County, Virginia, migrated to the far western frontier of Missouri. The related families of Sharp, Lyon, Harris, Shelton and Tuggle settled in what was to become the county of Van Buren a year. In 1849, the name was changed to Cass County.

In 1835 Samuel and Frances Lyon Sharp, built their log home 3 miles north of Harrisonville, which had not yet been established. The cabin measured 18×34 feet – about 15 longer than the typical cabin – with a fireplace at each end. The Sharps raised eleven children in this log cabin.

In 1974, the cabin was donated to the Cass County Historical Society by Herbert Carter with the agreement that it would be moved from its original site. Today it is located next to the historical society located in the Cass County Information Center at 400 E. Mechanic, Harrisonville, MO.

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